about admission restriction for the whole day of Saturday, June 25th 2016 and until 14:15 on Sunday June 26th 2016

We will sell advanced entry ticket with entry time limitation for the whole say of Saturday,
June 25th 2016 and until 14:15 on Sunday June 26th 2016.
The advanced entry ticket is divided into 6 time range for Saturday, June 25th 2016
and 2 time range for Sunday June 26th 2016.
NOTE: Customers can purchase entry tickets after 14:30 on Sunday June 26th 2016 at the venue.

price: 300JPY (tax included)

6/25 11:15-12:45
6/25 13:00-14:30
6/25 14:45-16:15
6/25 16:30-18:00
6/25 18:15-19:45
6/25 20:00-21:00
6/26 11:15-12:45
6/26 12:45-14:15

Advanced entry tickets will be sold at Loppi from Saturday, May 28th 10:00AM.
Please purchase at Loppi in your nearest Lawson or Ministop
or purchase from internet.
Lawson Ticket order page
*Please note that Lawson Ticket order page is only in Japanese.

- Please check Loppi for information about when to receive tickets and payment due date.
- Please be forewarned that we may change sales term, sales dates and sales method of tickets.
- Tickets are limited so please be forewarned that they may be sold out.
- Additional handling fee might be charged when you register from the internet.
- Please check Loppi for any other information which is not written above.

inquiry: Loppi customer center 0120-36-3963 (24hours)

*The time you can enter and stay in the venue will be the time period on ticket (the venue will replace customers when the time ends)
*This ticket is only valid for one person. The ticket will be invalid if they are teared apart.
*We cannot reissue or reprint the ticket if you lose or forget the ticket.
*Entry will be made by numerical order written on the ticket. Please wait in line 15 minutes before
your entrance time so the venue staff can check your ticket. Entry will not be made first come first served basis.
*This ticket will not guarantee to purchase Exhibition limited items.
*Product purchase at register can only be made one time per entrance.
*Please be forewarned Exhibition limited items may be finished before announcement.
*Admission fee will be charged per each entrance.
*Please be forewarned that Exhibition limited items are limited so they might be sold out.
*Some of the Exhibition limited items are initial sales.
*Each Exhibition limited items are limited to 1pcs per color per item for each payment.
For example, if there is 2 colors for the same t-shirt, customers can only purchase 1 size for each color.
*We only accept shipment delivery for BE@RBRICK 1000% and additional 840JPY will be charged per piece.
Shipment will be made approx 10 days after payment and cannot request for delivery date. Shipments are only made to Japanese address.
*Customers who has entry tickets which are passed the reserved time can enter the venue after 14:30 Sunday June 26th until Thursday June 30th.
*We do not make ticket refunds.
*We will sell Exhibition limited items at MEDICOM TOY online stores after the initial sales at the venue (we may not sell all products).
[online store sales] from 12:00 Saturday July 9th 2016 until products are sold out.
*Please be forewarned that limited edition items will not be reproduced so we will end sales when the products are sold out.

- about entry tickets after 14:30 on Sunday June 26th 2016